During better times my world was a different place. I made life flourish even in the remotest of places. On the highest mountains or in the deepest seas, wherever you went there was life. The tundra and the frozen seas of the far north there were alive. There was the tiny plankton to the biggest whales that fed off them in the seas and things big and small in between.  There were seals, walrus, and polar bears the ice, and fox, caribou, and muskoxen on the land.  Farther south were the great forests inhabited by every kind of animal imaginable. Birds flew in the sky while beasts roamed the ground below. My mountains were majestically covered in pine trees and mountain goats.  Then farther south of those were my lush tropical forests. These places overflowed with so much life that he couldn’t even walk though without being entangled in a mass of growth so thick he’d never find his way out again.  Giant snakes, monkeys, and birds of every color lived here.

Now only his machines stand rusting alongside his ancient monuments. They were used to try and explain the unknown. They would have been better used to monitor my world that he was destroying around him. It was always assumed that someday he would ruin my home. How could I just sit around and watch everything that was happening without stepping in?

I saw enough of him overpopulating, polluting, and squandering all of my creations. I will have the final say how it will end! Just like he would exterminate bugs from his house, I did the same. After being abused for so long I turned the ground hot and the atmosphere poison with gas and rid my home of those intruding pests. Now I patiently watch as the last signs of him slowly fade away.

His religious monuments still stand quietly beside what was once his latest technology. Neither his prayers, nor his devices mattered in the end. They would have been better off not messing with Mother Nature.