Aoothu Billahi Minash-Shaytanir–Rajeem
Get behind me deceitful deceiver deploying deception!
You conceited coward creating confusion within hearts of men!
The vilest of vermon,
The misleader of Jinn!
The Original racist
WhoRefused the rules the bow,
And now you suffer a thousand years of lockdown!
Suffer and suffer!
Your torments eternal!
The lowest of depths in a blazing inferno awaits your arrival!
And all those who followed and honored and loved you.
Taste the flames as they swallow the water that boils!
You forked tongue crooked corrupter of magic!
Yearning for yawns to incite more of your laughter!
User of darkness to spread twisted whispers.
Tier of knots!
Employer of voodoo to fool disbelievers.
Subhanna-Allah wa bi hamdi!
From every angle you attack Sirratal mustaqeem!
Left. Right. Front. Back.
A devout enemy of me!
I seek refuge from you sinful, disgraceful,
You immoral devil!
I wash away your filth thru,
Wudu and Ghusl.
And stand in Qiyyam.
And bow into Ruku.
Then prostrate in Sajdah.
In Jalsah I rebuke you!
These are the tools the weapons used against you!
The see thru invisible,
King of all liars!
Facilitator of falsehood prophesized by generations prior!
Spoke of in scriptures as the master manipulator!
Al-humdu-lillahi Rabeel-Alimeen!
Even you must answer to the King of all Kings!
Aoothu-billahi minash-Shaytanir-Rajeem!

-Amir Saladeen Dar Khan