Seeing a Fruit That You Can't Taste

I see cherries and berries levitating on this dull silver platter. Dishes are stacked upon one another with these fruits, surrounded by jugs of water. Bananas, oranges and pears look so delicious but are not reachable threw these transparent slabs of warm ice. You ask,” How could there be warm ice”? If you felt what I feel and saw what I see then you would understand. All these delicious fruits are in front of me daily and it hurts me not to remember the taste. It has been a while since the last time that I had the pleasure of captivating all of the fruits set out before me. I’m constantly drenched in this distasteful ensemble of spoiled cherries. I’m overwhelmed with cherries. I feel as though if I see another cherry, I’m going to explode. My mind seems to be discombobulated. I always have to remind myself that one day I will be freed into this fruit salad, which we call society.
We lose track of the things that are set before us in the world of this fruit cocktail. I am trapped in these walls like pineapples in a can. This beautiful sight that I see is distorted by the filth of this sink. How could I get back to the wonderful aroma of kiwi strawberry, banana’s etc? I know I have to stay away from those distasteful cherries and berries that look so appetizing, but are hazardous to my health. If I continue to tease myself with these black olives (guns); spreading coconut (crack-cocaine) and sour apples (marijuana) everywhere, I will be forced to be faced with feasting on these cherries and berries, which will dispose of me in this filthy sink like dirty silverware.
Often we get tied up in the lifestyle that we are prone to living and don’t understand what happens to our supporting cast when we are caught in doing the wrong thing according to the law. Freedom is a fruit in many ways. It’s good for the body, the taste of it is so sweet and there is so much more to explore. We haven’t tasted every fruit just as we haven’t explored every part of the world.
The lesson of life is out there for us to learn and if we past up that opportunity we will eventually miss out on the fruits of life.