PROMPT: What Makes Writing Good? What Makes It Bad?

Thanks to Lori Jakiela!

We actually spent last week’s VoiceCATCH editing for the most part. Feel free to bring in any pieces you’d like workshopped, as we really enjoy doing it!

With the last half hour of class, we read ”Shooting an Elephant” by George Orwell together and used that as our prompt:

“Orwell establishes rules or guidelines for good writing. Which of their rules ring most true to you? Which are the most helpful? Any that are less helpful? Any you disagree with? Discuss these in your journals?

And now:  What are your own rules and guidelines? What do you value as a writer and a reader? And can you talk about why?

Try crafting your own guide to good writing. Be specific. Cite examples of books and authors you consider models of good writing. What is it you value in these works? Why do you value these specific things? What is it about you — your background, who you are — that makes you value these specific things?

Discuss what you struggle with in your own writing and revision. What do you work toward as a writer? Why? Who are your models? Why?

Really grapple with these questions and come up with a set of rules and guidelines that feels very true and good for you.”