PROMPT: Memory and Landscape

Landscapes change. Sometimes they evolve slowly over time. Or are struck by natural disaster. Or are built up and torn down and built up again. This occurs  in the natural world as well: Trees rot, other trees grow; mountains and rivers shift; and again, the human element can cause rapid transformation.

Use landscape in a piece of writing, thinking about a single landscape that has changed, or comparing two different locations. Keep in mind that a landscape can be urban, suburban, or rural. Skyscrapers are as much a landscape as hills and mountains.

Here are a few options to get you started:

1.  Write of your childhood home or hometown.

2.  Write of a time when some element of a landscape reminded you of home, or a different landscape you knew well.

3.  Write about a landscape that has changed over time, either through natural decay/evolution, or through traumatic intervention (natural disasters, human construction, etc.).

For inspiration at VoiceCATCH today, we read excerpts from Barbara Kingsolver’s The Bean Trees, and Sheryl St. Germain’s “Why She Won’t Leave: My Mother’s Blues” published in Navigating Disaster (links are to