Announcing The Maenads Fellowship.

We're so thrilled to announce the Maenads Fellowship.  

The Maenad Fellowship Program offers up to twelve fellowships a year to women who are in recovery from substance abuse. Fellows will participate in a twelve-week creative writing seminar on the Chatham University campus.

The seminar offers mentorship and instruction in the following areas:

• Creative writing. You’ll be taught by practicing, professional creative writers in order to generate new creative writing.
• Publication submission and design. You’ll work with professional designers and artists to design a beautiful publication of your work.
• Publicly presenting your work. You’ll have the chance to present your work at a public reading.

Fellows will receive a $500 gift card at the completion of the program. All supplies will be provided, including copies of your published work. Transportation and child-care for those in the Pittsburgh area will be provided.

The fellowships are competitive, and will be offered to those who demonstrate the most promise as writers as well as the highest level of commitment to attending all twelve weeks.

Details of the Spring 2017 seminar:

• Seminars run from Thursday, January 12-Thursday, April 13.
• We meet each Thursday night from 6:00-8:30 pm on Chatham’s Shadyside campus.
• The final reading and celebration will be on Friday, April 14.
• Fellows will receive their $500 compensation at the final event on April 14, along with copies of their published work.

Contact Brittney Hailer at Chatham to apply!, or click contact us on this page!