Spring Reading

Our classes at ACJ celebrated their work at our formal spring reading this morning.  Topics ranged from broken hearts, to fishing, to fatherhood.  The men's thursday class kicked things off, followed by the men's friday class, the women's monday class, and the juveniles finished things off with a several energetic songs.

For us teachers, it was one of many proud moments. The smiles we get after handing out certificates are priceless, as is the elation of an audience clapping their hands for their classmates.   Yet, as all of us learned, the magic is not only in the finished product.  We learn so much from our students every week.  We hear incredible stories and make strides in tiny moments.  

Sadly, this was the final reading for several of our teachers.  Here's to Rachel, Karen, Kellyn, and Michelle, for their hard work and dedication to this program over the last two years. For some of us, this is only the beginning.  Summer classes kick off the first week of June!

Next up is our fundraiser and reading from the Maenads on April 13th.  We'll be celebrating the work of an amazing group of women in our first year of this new program, as well as reading a few pieces from the last year of our men's program at SCI Pittsburgh.  If you haven't yet, register here: https://www.chatham.edu/events/details.cfm?eventID=18126 or feel free to donate the price of admission for someone who can't afford a ticket.