PROMPT: 100 Words

What can you say in 100 words? Exactly 100 words? Today we tried some 100 word essays and stories. To get an idea of what 100 words can do, check out these short-shorts.

“Carrot” by Michelle Webster-Hein

“Divorce Party” by Marc J. Sheehan

“A Lesson Plan” by Kayla Candrilli

Now it’s your turn. First, pick an object or topic. If you’re stuck, here are a few ideas:

Carrots (as in Michelle Webster-Hein’s piece. What do you want to say about carrots?)
Your first car
A camera
An oak tree
A postage stamp
Chicago (or a city of your choosing)
Your mother/father/brother/sister
The street where you grew up

Next, free write on this topic until you have about a paragraph.

Now, count the number of words you used. If you are over, see what you can cut to hit 100 words. Does that make your piece more powerful and succinct? If you are under, see how you can expand. Does that push your piece in an interesting or unexpected way?